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Reduce.  Reuse.  Upcycle.

WAS is a leading New Zealand manufacturer of upcycled billboard

products for retail and corporate clients. We have a commitment to

providing high quality and unique products from discarded and disused


WAS has manufacturing expertise, processes and solutions for a broad

range of promotional and retail products including a range of fashion 

bags (satchel, mini satchel, laptop and clutch bags). Other merchandise

includes compendiums, outdoor and indoor beanbags, seating and

other customised promotional products.  WAS specialises in custom

work and producing small quantities of products.  This is unique to the

promotional products industry as the majority of promotional products

are made offshore and commands high minimum orders of

standardised products.

To find out more about how we can help with your corporate

merchandise needs, click here

Our Core Values


WAS products and business practices are cradled in the core value of being sustainable and eco-friendly.


WAS will never compromise on quality.  We believe our products need to stand the test of time if they're to give the ultimate in customer experience and satisfaction.

Innovative design

WAS products are made from recycled and upcycled materials as much as possible, but that doesn't mean we don't think about design:  great aesthetics and stylish good looks are equally important to us.

Supportive of NZ

WAS business practices and sourcing of materials supports New Zealand businesses.  All components of our products are purchased from another New Zealand-owned business wherever possible.


At WAS we use upcycled materials to create practical every-day products, tailored specifically to the every-day needs of the end user.

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