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Thank you to all the companies who have upcycled their billboards and saved them from going to landfill!


As you can see below, these billboards have re-created themselves (with a little help from WAS) into a range of pretty cool-looking products.


If your company's billboards have finished their mission of marketing your brand, please contact us for some ideas of how to put them back to work again!

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Burger Fuel

These round Ottomans were made for BurgerFuel as unique seating for some of their outdoor eating areas. 

Keep an eye out, as you might see them at your local BurgerFuel!


DB Breweries have added these large beanbags too their existing WAS beanbag collection, to be used at the company and corporate functions.

DB Export

DB Export wanted these large beanbags for the Round the Bays run.  They will also be used for corporate events.

University of Auckland

What a great way to upcycle your billboards!  These laptop bags were created for the University of Auckland to use as student prizes and gifts.


" After our highly successful and visible billboard campaigns, we had quite a few tonnes of skins left over. 

The team at WAS were great with helping us to decide what we wanted to turn these into.

We decided on an order of ottomans, satchels and laptop bags.

As each piece was unique we had no idea what to expect, but the end result was incredible. 

The way the billboard images were used within the structure of the bags/ottomans was great and stayed true to our brand.  

Check out the photos because they truly do speak for themselves.


-Victoria Hooper

Skills Organisation

Here's what the Skills Organisation had to say about the product and service they received from WAS...

"We've recently been through a re-branding exercise, followed by a period of major growth as we acquired other organisations.

There was a huge amount of history tied up with our previous name and when we discovered an old billboard,

we thought 'what better way to preserve that history than through creating a WAS bag or two?'.

We had 20 gorgeous mini satchels made and they've mad wonderful gifts. 

The quality of the finished product and the service from Carolyn and the team has been outstanding.  Thank you.


-Katherine Hall, Head of Marketing

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Meridian Energy

Meridian Energy supplied WAS with a range of banners and billboards which we converted into laptop and tote bags.

"Sustainability is in our DNA at Meridian - that means we are always looking at ways to 'up-cycle' our old materials

WAS not only found creative ways to turn our trash to treasure but were great to deal with".


-Lizzy Baker, Brand Manager

Environment Canterbury

Environment Canterbury are using these ottomans as very unique seating.

They looked amazing!

Waikato Museum

These ottomans were made for Waikato Museum's eco-exhibition 'Planet Warriors'. 

In this exhibition, children took up the challenge of becoming one of the planet's

newest warriors and visitors explored the way in which activities in daily life affect the planet.

Small changes can have a big impact on the health of our planet.


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LeasePlan is the world's leading fleet and vehicle leasing management company.  LeasePlan New Zealand

manages more than 17.000 vehicles for a broad range of
organisations and sectors, both locally and internationally.

"As a great way to re-purpose billboards and keep LeasePlan perfectly on brand, the WAS laptop

satchels we chose were the ideal way to showcase a celebratory 20 year anniversary for the company. 

We were impressed by the quality of the end product and the way that WAS selected the graphics to make the most of the

bag design for real impact.

Add to that a helpful WAS team, we have a happy client and some very lucky satchel recipients".


-Marianne Webb, Creative Director LY Design




Powershop commissioned us to turn these fantastic billboards into tote bags to give away at conferences.

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