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Custom Work

A Billboard's Birthright...

When billboards grow up, they yearn to be WAS bags and satchels.  They do!  Being proudly stretched across their frames used to be the very pinnacle of their lives.

Not any more.

They want to live on, and continue to communicate their message, which was the reason for their creation.  And they want to do it in style while still being useful, of course, by carrying someone's laptop, or money, or just bit and pieces...

Please don't deny your billboards their birthright!

Whether its 15 or 5000 items, we can recycle your billboards (or our recycled billboard stock) into awesome eco-marketing opportunities.  WAS can upcycle your brand!

How WAS can help you...

  • Promoting your brand as eco and carbon friendly

  • Unique, stylish, high quality promotional materials made here in New Zealand

  • Recycling materials that woul normally end up at landfill

  • Upcycling materials products you already own

  • Increasing the longevity of your billboard campaign


Meridian Energy


We can custom manufacture to your specifications and budget:

Satchel bags

Laptop bags

Tote Bags




Or, give us your idea, brief or design!

to discuss your ideas or to request a

no-obligation quote!

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